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The egg before
the chicken!

It’s a given fact that if you know the outcome of a particular scenario, you’ll wait for that outcome. For instance, if you know that waiting in a long line for a brand new speeding roller coaster means waiting at least 30 – 45 minutes, you’ll wait for that ride because you know the outcome. Ev…

August 2020 Phoenix Housing Market Update

As our summer continues in the Phoenix Metro Area, we’re seeing astonishingly quick sales! Homes are going under contract on average in 14 days. Our volume has just outpaced the top of the market for sales in 2005, the peak of the housing market. You can also see that the number of…

One Man's Junk... Doesn't End up in the Landfill

Like most everyone, I’ve been spending more time in my home which turns into DIY projects, eliminating clutter, and taking a hard look and the stuff accumulated over the years. It’s always been a habit to consign my clothes and those that the stores don’t take, I donate. But, I found a bett…


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