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Homeowners Beware of Investor Offers That sound too good to be true!

With low inventory, everyone is receiving offers from investors to purchase homes even when those home owners haven’t listed their home(s) for sale.   Phone calls, text messages, and letters in the mail.  Sometimes it’s a daily occurrence! Due to our low inventory, a predatory practice has surfaced.   Investors are approaching home owners directly to purchase

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Hiring the right realtor means value on an appraisal!

Knowledge is Power – And more Money On An Appraisal (reprinted from the original post 8/13/13.) It goes without saying that Knowledge is Power, but it can also be More Money On an Appraisal. August 13, 2013, was the final day of two Appraisal Courses, Introduction to Green Building and Case Studies in Residential Green Buildings. There were 24

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