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Electric Vehicle

22 Reasons to Own an EV

Electric Vehicles (EV) have become more and more prevalent as major auto makers adopt the technology.   

As an owner of an EV, the most asked question I hear is, “How far can you drive?”  The most common anxiety IMHO is “range anxiety.”  Drivers are worried about running out of power.  It’s a valid reason, but once you own an EV, that will disappear when you get in the habit of mindfulness when it comes to charging.  That is, every night plan your next day’s travel and check the remaining mileage on your battery.  If it’s low, set a range to stop at 80%, plug it in, and it shuts off when charging is complete.  It’s that simple. 

Here’s a list of things to consider when owning an EV.

  1. Tax credits may be available, depending on the make and model and State. 
  2. Check your local utility provider for credits/incentives for EV’s and EV chargers.
  3. Maintenance WILL be MUCH less than a gas powered vehicle.
  4. Vehicle registrations may be less. Check your local/state for information                    (In Arizona the savings is significant)
  5. Options are getting better ALL THE TIME! 
  6. Technology has improved with each passing model.
  7. Driving range is up to 350 miles on some models.
  8. The number of public charging stations is increasing
  9. Conveniently charge at home, setting start and stop times
  10. Inexpensive to add at-home 220 outlets for charging
  11. Charging an EV at night is less expensive due to off-peak hours
  12. Workplace and retail charging stations are more commonplace
  13. If you own a business, research free EV chargers in your state
  14. HOV lanes reduce driving times in heavy traffic
  15. You’ll never need emissions testing again.
  16. EVs are better for your health.
  17. EV’s are better for the environment.
  18. EV’s are safer with a lower center of gravity and better handling
  19. EV’s cost MUCH less to operate
  20. Associations have been created to assist EV owners.
  21. Prices are competitive 
  22. Wide variety of body styles and features.

Is it the right time for you to investigate buying an electric vehicle?  

Lithium battery recycling is on the forefront of research.  For more information, read on and share your thoughts. 

Notes from me after purchasing an EV.

Personally, I spend about $40 a month charging my EV at  home versus the minimum of $250 ++ a month for gas.   So total electricity for a year is $480; a savings of at least $2,520 a year.

Auto maintenance on my gas powered car in 2020 was $1,203.  Since I’ll only rotated the tires in 2021, my maintenance was $165 so far.

  My car insurance did increase, but I shopped the insurance and now use a broker for not a whole lot more than I was paying for my 2015 gas powered SUV.  

My car tags are much less expensive than my gas powered car, a perk of getting a new car.  The included features were great; the only added benefit I purchased was adding another 100 mile driving range to total 350 mile range.  

After purchasing, I added tint on the roof/sunroof and on all windows, except windshield of course.  I added 8mm film on the entire front and mirrors per the suggestion of a friend who owns a Tesla.  Without a grill, I’d be more likely to have more road damage in the future.  Arizona is famous for rocks on the roads. 

Since my interior is white, I coated it with a protectant for the “vegan” leather seats, making them easy to wipe off anything that spills with baby wipes.

And most important – the lithium battery in my 2020 Model 3 will last 350,000 miles.  The fossil fuels saved, repairs saved, emissions are 10 x better than the mining of lithium batteries.  I’ve done the research but you can read here for your own information. 

I’ve loved owning my Tesla.  It’s easy to drive, quiet, quick, and clients are always asking the most interesting questions!